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Corsairs Legacy Captain's Cabin
Captain's Cabin
Игра Corsairs Legacy

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PC Game Release in 2021
New trailer for the game Corsairs Legacy

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Game Series Roadmap

The Corsairs Legacy series will consist of 3 games

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Game release


Solve the conflict in Barbados, being in the heart of the intrigue.


Game release


Embark on a dangerous sea adventure with the survived team of Peter Blood.


Game release

Open world

The sloop and the faithful sailors who survived the battle are ready for new adventures.

Corsairs Legacy

Year 1689. Captain Blood's odyssey came to an end - the legendary corsair took over as governor of Jamaica. The Caribbean Sea needs new heroes - notorious adventurers who, under the Black Flag, will set sail to run into danger, sea battles and Spanish gold, becoming the scourge of the tropical islands.

Jack Rackham had no plans to become a pirate. He was completely happy living the life of a smuggler. But, coincidentally, while delivering another cargo, he got into series of events that changed his life forever.

While you are waiting for the release, we have prepared a small gift for fans of the pirate games

Bonus for fans

Sea battle mini-game on the website

Conquer the archipelago, build a pirate republic!