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The best weapons in Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships and add-ons to it

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The best weapons in Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships and add-ons to it

Choosing an effective way to eliminate opponents is one of the most important tasks for a player in almost any Action-RPG, and Sea Dogs - one of the few series of Russian games that players speak extremely warmly about - is no exception.

Sea Dogs is one of the few series of Russian games that players speak extremely warmly about. Moreover, today it is one of the most developed pirate-themed games. It will not be superfluous to take a closer look at its mechanics.

In this article, we will talk about how damage is calculated in the game and how to choose the best melee weapon for your character.

An important note right away: the information is relevant both for Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships (both the latest version, 1.2.12, and with mod-pack 1.3.2) from Seaward, and for any add-ons for this game (the same engine, the same formulas, innovations are rare and do not change the basics), but not for the Sea Dogs: To Each His Own.

To select the best weapons in it, we wrote a separate small guide, which you can read here.

So, in the Age of Pirates 2, any melee weapon has two basic characteristics-values: damage and weight. If we are talking about version 1.2.12 of the game, then these characteristics are directly related: with one exception in the form of a dagger, the damage is always calculated in the interval [weight; weight*2]. Similarly, the price is calculated from the weight: weight * 100, but here one more exception is added in the form of a fire iron.

Weapons are divided into three classes: light, medium, and heavy. As the name implies, the distribution occurs by weight.

The idea was that the greater the weight of the weapon (and, accordingly, the damage), the more this blade consumes the energy needed to strike. Did it manage to be implemented?

Let's take a look at the base weapon damage formula.

bAttack = maxAttack * (55 + frandSmall(15))/100

The value of maxAttack depends on the class of the weapon: 60 for light, 80 for medium, and 100 for heavy (these numbers differ in different versions of the game, but on average they look like this).

frandSmall(15) means a random value from 1 to 15, and the random number generator can sometimes glitch and give values ​​close to the border. Restarting the game usually helps.

The best weapons in Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships and add-ons to it

Total Damage = Damage * Weight * Random value + Damage * Weight * Skill * Random

In addition to dependence on weapon skills, we again have a dependence on weight. And since its effect on damage is excessive in the end, the increased energy consumption is more than compensated.

Alas, all that remains of a good idea: light weapons kill slowly, and heavy weapons quickly. But in both cases, you will spend approximately the same amount of energy.

In the City of Abandoned Ships version 1.2.12, the top five heaviest melee weapons in descending order are the poleaxe, tanat, ax, falchion, and estok (the developers apparently confused the last two blades with others, since in reality, they are relatively light).

But in patch 1.3.2, which was handled by BlackMark Studio, the situation is somewhat different. They made a reblading mod. As a result, the role of the weight of the weapon in the formulas has become even greater, so the task for the player becomes as simple as possible: to find the heaviest copy.

In this case, the top five heaviest weapons, in descending order, are the Reitar Chekan, Macuahuitl, Claymore, Cortelach, and Battle Axe.

We hope you found this article useful!

You read an article prepared during the development of the pirate life simulation game Corsairs Legacy by Ukrainian Mauris studio with the aim of popularizing the marine theme in general and pirate games in particular. 

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