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The best weapon in Sea Dogs: To Each His Own
The best weapon in Sea Dogs: To Each His Own

In the last article, which can be read here, we talked about which melee weapons are still the best and how damage is calculated in Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships, as well as in add-ons for it. But here is the Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - this is a completely different matter. And now we will try to figure it out.

The information is relevant for the latest version of the game — Sea Dogs To Each His Own 1.7.3, but in this case, there should be no problems with other versions.

First of all, let's note the changes.

Firstly, the names in Sea Dogs To Each His Own were changed: the damage was renamed to attack, the class of light weapons became the class of rapier-swords (RS), and the middle class became the class of sabers-cleavers (ST), the class of heavy weapons became the class of broadswords-axes (BA).

Secondly, they introduced the distribution of weapons by quality.

Thirdly, new characteristics of blades appeared in Sea Dogs: To Each His Own: balance, length, and curvature.

Weapon base damage formula:

bAttack = maxAttack * (55 + frandSmall(15))/100

frandSmall(15) means a random value from 1 to 15, and the random number generator can sometimes glitch and give values ​​close to the border. Restarting the Sea Dogs game usually helps.

The value of maxAttack is equal to the attack of the weapon, specified in its in-game description. At the same time, light weapons do not exceed 60 in attack, 80 for medium, and 100 for heavy.

The attack also depends on the weapon quality in Sea Dogs To Each His Own, or more precisely, it is multiplied by a coefficient:

  • 0.55-0.7 for a group of ordinary weapons;
  • 0.7-0.85 for a group of good weapons;
  • 0.85-1 for the best weapon group.

Visually, the quality of a blade can be determined by its icon, but don’t worry: the weapon’s attack indicated in the description in Sea Dogs is the final one, already multiplied by the coefficient, so you won’t mix it up.

Weight is distributed between weapon classes in Sea Dogs To Each His Own in the following ranges:

  • 2-3 for the rapier-sword (light weapon) class, not counting the daggers;
  • 2.4-3.6 for the class of sabers-cleavers (medium weapons);
  • 3-4.5 for the class of broadswords-axes (heavy weapons).

Now let's talk about the new characteristics in Sea Dogs. To Each His Own and start with the balance. It is easy to recognize it: it is indicated in the description of the weapon. What does balance affect? The higher its value, the greater the damage of slashing and piercing attacks and the less damage of the lunge and feint.

The formulas that we will discuss below use the bBlnce value. Its minimum value of 0.85 is achieved with a weapon balance of 0.0, and the maximum of 1.15 is achieved with a balance of 2.0. With a balance of 1.0, bBlnce is equal to one.

Now about length and curvature in Sea Dogs To Each His Own weapon. They also increase the damage of some types of attacks and reduce others, but the dependencies are different here.

The longer the weapon, the stronger the lunge, slash and circular strike, as well as the weaker the feint and pierce.

The more curved the weapon, the stronger the piercing, slashing, and circular strikes, as well as the weaker the feint and lunge.

The length and curvature parameters are hidden, you can determine them conditionally visually in the Sea Dogs To Each His Own game (if you like to look at low-poly models up close). Therefore, do not strain your eyes and just use the tables below.

Length (down ascending) in Sea Dogs: To Each His Own

Рrapier-sword (light weapon)

Sabers-cleavers (medium weapons)

Broadswords-axes (heavy weapons)

Parrying dagger




Boarding cleaver

Macuahuitl, Godendag

Marinera, Naab-Te

Kord, Half-saber, Madonna

Khanda, Poleax

Carzoleta, Smallsword

Officer klewang

Bartax, Claybag,

Officer's broadsword

Bretta, Wrath of the Prophet

Grosses Messer, Katana,

Cutlass, Naval Saber

Morgana, Stokkata, Saxenfeder, Pappenheimer

Guardian Sword, Ritterschwert,

Schiavona, Tanat

Bilbo sword

Tlacomacan, Scimitar,


Walloon sword,




Curvature (down ascending) in Sea Dogs: To Each His Own

Рrapier-sword (light weapon)

Sabers-cleavers (medium weapons)

Broadswords-axes (heavy weapons)

Asoleda, Bretta,

Daga, Harpoon,

Kartsoleta, Saxenfeder,

Smallsword, Stokkata


Walloon sword,

Claybag, Schiavona,


Boarding cutter,

Grosses Messer

Naab-Te, Marinera,


Cutlas, Kord,

Naval saber


Officer's broadsword

Katana, Half-saber,

Scimitar, Storta

Macuahuitl, Guardian's Sword,

Tanat, Tomahawk

Bilbo, Wrath of the Prophet,



Officer’s klewang

Bartaks, Godendag,

Khanda, Poleax



Both indicators also fall within the range from 0.85 to 1.15 (at the minimum and maximum length and curvature, respectively).

The formula for calculating the final damage in Sea Dogs: To Each His Own is as follows:

dmg = bladeDmg * kAttackDmg

Let's break down the first part, bladeDmg

bladeDmg = 0.1 * bAttack + 0.4 * bAttack * aSkill + bAttack * fRandomSmall(aSkill)

bAttack — the base damage of the weapon in Sea Dogs that we dealt with at the beginning of the article;

aSkill — skill value divided by 100 (with a skill of 10 aSkill will be equal to 0.1);

fRandomSmall(aSkill) is a random number between 0 and aSkill.

Now consider kAttackDmg

kAttackDmg = 0.6 * bLngth * bCurv * (0.9 + (Wght - 2)/5) * (0.85 + bBlnce/6.67)

bLngth — blade length from 0.85 to 1.15;

bCurv — blade curvature from 0.85 to 1.15;

Wght — weapon weight in Sea Dogs;

bBlnce — parameter depending on the weapon balance, from 0.85 to 1.15.

What general conclusion can be drawn from all of the above?

Decide for yourself what types of strikes you want to play Sea Dogs through: slash, circular strikes and pierce, or feint and lunge.

Since weight still has a strong effect on the formulas, you will have to take it into account. And, of course, we will choose only from the best quality blades.

In the first case, you will need a heavy long, and curved weapon with maximum balance, ideally 2.0. The Guardian Sword and Tanat are the best here, Narwhal is a little worse. At the same time, your main attack will be precisely the slash and circular strikes, since the pierce one makes sense only with an active enemy block.

In the second case, prefer a heavy, long, and straight weapon with a minimum balance, ideally 0.0. Claybag is what you need. Schiavona will show itself a little worse.

We hope you found this article useful!

This material was prepared prepared during the development of the pirate life simulation game Corsairs Legacy by Ukrainian Mauris studio with the aim of popularizing the marine theme in general and pirate games in particular. 

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