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Where to download Sea Dogs?
Where to download Sea Dogs?

This material prepared during the development of the pirate life simulation game Corsairs Legacy by Ukrainian Mauris studio with the aim of popularizing the marine theme in general and pirate games in particular.

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Project Sea Dogs was released on November 25, 2000, becoming the world's first 3D pirate game.

Already at that time, both land and sea gameplay were present in the Sea Dogs project. Sailing ship battles alternated with fencing, quests, copious dialogue, character progression, and trading. Strongly stands out as a three-dimensional game in 2000 and dynamic weather.

It is the depth of the gameplay that players most often note in reviews, recalling the first part of the Sea Dogs franchise. The most significant shortcomings, with an eye to today, are poorly preserved graphics and periodic technical problems, especially on modern hardware.

An excellent indicator of the success of the game Sea Dogs can be the presence of sequels. Already in 2003 came the continuation of the franchise, Sea Dogs 2: Pirates of the Caribbean. Following it, in 2006, the players saw Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. And, of course, the existence of beloved by many fans of the Sea Dogs series - Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships, due, among other things, to the success of the first part of Sea Dogs.

You can find out about all these games by reading our material in more detail at the links above.

If you raise the question of where to download Sea Dogs, then two options are best suited here.

First, this is the page for the first Sea Dogs game on Steam. It is hardly worth listing the advantages of the most famous online gaming store in the world. But specifically in the case of Sea Dogs, users note that they will have to manually change the resolution in the config and create a save folder.

If this bothers you, consider buying your first Sea Dogs on GOG. The problems described above were not observed.

We hope you found this article useful!

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