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Why did the creator of Tempest: Pirate Action RPG leave his project?
Why did the creator of Tempest: Pirate Action RPG leave his project?

This article was prepared during the development of the Corsairs Legacy pirate life simulator game by Ukrainian Mauris studio in order to popularize the marine theme in general and games about pirates in particular. You can follow the project news on our website, YouTube channel, and Telegram.

On September 7, 2021, we arranged an interview with the developer of Tempest: Pirate Action RPG Avrelii, who created his game from scratch. We also asked a number of questions about the development of the game itself.

Avrelii told us about his experience of working on the game with HeroCraft, who not only acted as a publisher, but were also directly involved in the creation of Tempest. Then we asked him a question about the reasons for leaving — after the end of the development of the game, the creator left his offspring.

I did everything I wanted. It was psychologically difficult to continue to procrastinate the same thing, and, basically, as a lead developer, there was nothing more for me to do there.

We created different editors and schemes for them so that their people could finish the content at will. It was also part of my “exit program” to leave behind a good toolkit. Maybe it didn’t come out good — I don’t know, so far no one has complained.”

At the same time, the experience with early access on Steam when creating the game gave Avrelii a broader perspective.

Early Access has become more accessible. I decided — why waste time (on HeroCraft) Because 5 years — basically, for Tempest was too much. The project changed its essence three times on the fly. Especially a lot of changes appeared when a game designer was appointed. He made changes, and for about six months I was engaged in alterations to his vision. Now, in my understanding, if you do, then you need to do it one time without alterations. And so that there are no alterations, you need to personally keep everything under control.”

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